Over the years Sonic has been adding new equipment to help our clients with their specific needs.

Please click the following link for a more detailed list of our Specialty Equipment.

As industry leaders we can accurately help coordinate all fluid movements so that efficiency and cost effectiveness are ensured.  Sonic started by hauling water and oil, to what is now a specialized corporation hauling dangerous goods, specialty chemicals, and a wide variety of mixtures for everyday projects.  With a fleet of over 150 units and combinations we can provide services for the following:

Crude Oil Hauling
Produced Water Hauling
Emulsion Hauling
Fresh Water for Fracturing
KCL Mixtures (1%-24%)
Methanol Mixtures
KCL/ Meth Mixtures
Disposable Fluid Hauling
Blowback Recovery
Acid Sales, Delivery and Storage
Pressure Truck Services
Hot Oiler Units
Chemical Pumping
Pipe Transportation
Tractor Services
Frac Water Heating – Click here for more details

Over the past several years the demand for advanced heating technology has been increasing. What was once a single heating unit’s job has now become a project for two or more boilers, simply because previous units are not capable of accommodating the different sizes and varieties of modern day jobs. As project sizes increase so does the need for stronger and faster equipment that are capable of handling the mass of each task.  Sonic realized this demand, and in June of 2011 Sonic purchased its first of four 40 Million BTU heating units . Heating units  that can meet and exceed the needs of today’s market, all while maintaining an economical cost to stay within our client’s budget.  Whether you have a dug out, Poseidon, tank farm or other form of water storage facility our trained operators will be sure to handle each job efficiently.

If heating is a service that you require, Sonic Oilfield Service would like to make this project that much easier on you and your company.

Even with the addition of our specialty equipment, Sonic continues to hire local contractors on a regular basis to help with the requirements of our clients.